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Mayor Tommy Battle unveils taskforce charged with protecting NASA's future
"Second to None Initiative" brings national coalition of experts together, chaired by former Representative Robert E. "Bud" Cramer

HUNTSVILLE, AL (February 12, 2010) - Mayor Tommy Battle today announced the formation of his "Second to None Initiative", the Mayor's Task Force for Space Exploration. Mayor Battle has asked former Congressman Robert E. "Bud" Cramer to chair the Task Force which will focus on President Obama's budget proposal to cancel NASA's Constellation program. Mayor Battle is charging the Task Force to be an advocacy group for a national space policy that includes the Constellation program and to support Congressional leaders who will work to restore the Constellation program in NASA's budget. Among the elements of the Constellation program are the Ares I and Ares V rockets currently being developed to replace NASA's Space Shuttle program. The Marshall Space Center is the lead NASA center for Ares development.

Mayor Battle said, "I am forming this bi-partisan, community-wide Task Force to help deliver the message that America should be "Second to None" in human space exploration and NASA should lead this nation, as it has for the past 60 years, in developing the rockets and systems to take men and women to space. Without the Constellation program, we take this nation out of the human space flight business, with no clear vision, no proven plan, and no timeline for when America will fly again. I am concerned that it could well be a generation lost, in talent and time before this nation returns to human space flight. This is not the path this country should take and we as a community should support our Congressional delegation to find the right course for a national space policy."

The Mayor added, "We believe that the path ahead is clear. We have rockets today that can reduce our dependence on other nations for access to space. To abandon this program is nothing short of abandoning our national hope of remaining the world leader in space exploration. We challenge those who believe in a strong America and a strong national space program to contact their friends and family across our nation and ask them to contact their Congressman and demand that we stay the course. The Constellation program is the next step in space exploration. I am grateful to Bud Cramer for accepting this Task to lead our community in advocating for a strong NASA and a national space program that is 'Second to None'."

Members of the "Second to None Initiative", the Mayor's Task Force for Space Exploration:

Cramer, Bud - Task Force Chairman

Alexander, Joe - Camber Corporation
Allen, Rose - Booz, Allen, Hamilton
Anderson, Bruce - Alabama Development Office
Buckbee, Ed
Calvert, Angie - Davidson Technologies
Chilton, Jim - Boeing
Cook, Steve - Dynetics
Dillard, Tommy - ATK
Doering, Kim - United Space Alliance
Griffin, Mike - UAHuntsville
Gully, John - SAIC
Hendrick, Shar - The Hendrick Group
Horack, John - UAHuntsville
Hugenie, Andrew - Alabama A & M University
King, Dave - Dynetics
Nalley, Don - Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce
Newton, Elizabeth - UAHuntsville
Pruitt, Ed - Lockheed Martine
Ritch, Joe - Tennessee Valley BRAC Task Force
Smith, Dennis - MEI
Tuder, Irma
Vallely, Joe - City of Huntsville
Ward, Mike - Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce
Young, Tom - Kord Technologies

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